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Askari & Fauji : Meeting to discuss cement companies merger on October 28

A board of directors’ meeting to consider merger of Fauji Cement Company Limited and Askari Cement Limited is scheduled to be held on October 28, 2021, an official said on Friday.

The meeting will consider passing a resolution to proceed with the process of amalgamation of Askari Cement with and into FCCL if deemed fit.

Additionally, the meeting will approve and adopt the quarterly unaudited accounts together with the directors’ review for the first quarter.

Fauji Cement is preferred in the complete range of construction industry to include housing sector, commercial and industrial complexes, mega projects such as dams, bridges, highways and motorways and a myriad of other structures, needing consistency in quality, reliability and high strength.

In addition to the local market, the company exports cement to several countries, such as Sri Lanka, India, Afghanistan, South Africa, the Middle East and various African states.

Askari Cement Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of cement in Pakistan. It originated in 1921 and since then has progressed effectively and gained the trust of millions of people around the globe.

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