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Burnout…! But what are work-related stresses?

Gradual increase of work load and extended work hours lead to what is known as Burnout. But what are the real symptoms of this notorious evil thought that keeps us away from creativity and productivity.
• Do you feel active after work hours?
• Do you have the will to do household chores or just want to be yourself and not to be bothered?
• Do you lack energy to be part of family time?
• Have you been short tempered recently or lose your cool easily?
If this is a temporary thing like a project deadline nearby, there is nothing to worry about. But if you find yourself in a continuous spiral of you time being hijacked by your career or just to please your boss for next promotion, you need to find the right balance before it’s too late.
It’s all about work-life balance and how you juggle it. Schedule your time with right balance for work, family, friends and yourself as well. Don’t be intimated to do late sitting because your boss is sitting late. Respect your time and in turn it will be respected by others. Just be productive as you can be during working hours. Sleep well, keep yourself hydrated and take siesta if you can during your lunch break.
Learn to manage yourself before managing teams. Lead your life with example before being in a leadership position.
Remember you’re the chauffeur of your life and only you have to find your epiphany!

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