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How to tackle the common issue of rotary sluice of VRM feeding system?

If your VRM feeder is harassed by below issues:
1) high humidity of bulk materials
2) high wear of the rotary sluice
3) frequent stoppage due to stuck or jamming of the rotary sluice
4) high electric power consumption of ID fan system of your VRM
5)high content of O2 in your exhaust air of VRM emission end
6) Unsteady feeding of your VRM operation

It’s worth studying and reading this article!

The below plate feeder is designed to replace original rotary sluice. It is composed of a buffer bin and a sealed plate feeder. The natural stacking of bulk materials in the buffer bin helps prevent any false air admission.

According to the output of the mill and the set values of the buffer bin, a designed computer automatically adjusts the running speed of the plate feeder and adjusts the feeding rate of the blending stop all false air and guarantee smooth and even feeding.

No false air can pass the stacking of bulk materials in the buffer bin. Those bulk materials do not contact the equipment shell, which minimize the wear and damage that usually happened a lot in rotary sluice design.

This plate feeder design totally rip off the traditional design of rotary sluice. Thanks to its superior performance in false air prevention, and steady operation of bulk materials feeding, nowadays more than 300 of such units are applied in Chinese cement plants, for coal mill, raw mill etc.

Generally speaking, the false air prevention cause less electric power consumption in ID fan system. On average, 1.5kwh/MT feeding materials can be achieved through this design. The ROI can be as short as 6 months only because of this power saving advantage!

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