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Cement in the heart of Africa

By ICR Research
Published 28 January 2019

Following two particularly challenging years and considerable overcapacity, the cement industry in the Republic of Congo can look forward to better times. The government is set to increase investment in housing and public spending to advance the country’s infrastructure, and provide for its growing and young population.

The economic crisis in the Republic of Congo deepened in 2017 as GDP continued to contract by 4.6 per cent from -2.8 per cent the previous year. Low oil prices combined with a prolonged recession in the non-oil sector significantly impacted the country’s economy. The increase in oil GDP, brought about by the new Moho Nord oilfield coming on-stream and increasing oil production, could not offset a 9.2 per cent contraction of non-oil GDP, as activity in the telecommunications, transport and construction sectors declined.

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