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Chinese energy saving solution provider accelerating upgrade of industries

Chinese energy saving solution provider accelerating upgrade of industries in Pakistan, China Economic Net (CEN) reported on Thursday.

Recently, the coal-fired units in the project of 1*30MW coal-fired power station plus 1*10MW waste heat captive power station of DG Khan Hub in Pakistan contracted by Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd. passed the 72-hour performance assessment smoothly and obtain the acceptance certificate.”Our projects are all completed this year, providing direct energy guarantee for owners to save electricity output and reduce production costs”, said Ji Lei, Head of Sinoma Energy Conservation Pakistan, in an interview with CEN.

In June 2019, DG KhanCement signed a deal with Sinoma Energy Conservation for upgrades at the integrated Hub cement plant. The agreement includes a 10MW waste heat recovery (WHR) unit and a 30MW coal power plant. According to Ji, the 30MW coal power plant employs a high temperature and ultra-high-pressure (uHPHT) primary reheat thermal system at home and abroad for the first time, which will greatly improve the overall thermal efficiency of the power plant, reduce coal consumption and the overall production cost.

Compared with the conventional high-temperature and high-pressure system, the uHPHT system is expected to reduce the standard coal consumption by about 10400 tons, and the estimate carbon dioxide emission will drop by 23700 tons. In additon, total cement output will be increased by 18100 tons after the completion of the project.”During the 72-hour performance assessment, our performance indicators were better than the contractual guaranteed values, and our emissions indicators were lower than Pakistan’s local emission standards.

It can be said that we have made due contributions to the energy conservation and consumption reduction of the local cement industry.At present, more than half of the cement plants in Pakistan’s cement industry have adopted Sinoma Energy Conservation’s waste heat power generation system.”In addition, we have also done a lot of detailed planning in photovoltaics, biomass energy, wind power, hydropower, and small and medium-sized self-supplied power plants.

In the field of renewable energy, we undoubtedly have a very broad scope for cooperation with major industrial and commercial enterprises in Pakistan,” noted Ji. On the other hand, Sinoma Energy Conservation currently has four project departments in Pakistan, with a total of about 20 local employees. “During the epidemic, we adopted a combination of on-site training and online guidance to train employees on energy conservation.

Under normal circumstances, we generally arrange them to train in China for one to three months.” The reporter learned that energy conservation programs in Pakistan has greatly stimulated the increase in the employment rate around the project location. In the future, China-Pakistan cooperation in energy-saving construction will not only contribute to the global carbon neutral goal, but also contribute to local employment.

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