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GSP Demands Rs 6.524 Mln To Advance Coal Exploration, Evaluation Project

The Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP) has demanded funds amounting to Rs 6.524 million in the next Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) to advance the coal exploration and evaluation project in Nosham and Bahlol areas of Balochistan province.

“The project investigations would result in proving more than 20 million tons of coal worth over Rs 2000 million at the current market rate,” according to an official document available with APP.

Sharing scope of the project, the GSP said the scheme was meant to prove the presence of coal, establish its grade and make a preliminary assessment of reserves through large-scale mapping, exploratory drilling and collection of representatives samples for chemical analysis and petrographic studies in Nosham and Bahlol areas.

While, the collected data would also help in planning a thermal power station in the region and supply coal to steel and cement industries

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