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India Cements joins forces with Tvasta on 3D printed construction solutions

The India Cements is collaborating with Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions to develop energy-efficient construction methods using 3D printing. Tvasta’s technology uses 3D-printing platforms for faster, more economical and more sustainable construction methods, compared to traditional technologies, which can be used for a variety of applications, including housing, sanitation, infrastructure and defence. According to reports in The Hindu Business Line, the 3D construction methods use 30 per cent less water and sand.

“With India having developed a vibrant start-up ecosystem, we are delighted to forge a partnership with Tvasta, a fast-paced 3D-printing firm. We are excited that this technology delivers a cost-effective construction method that offers quicker turnarounds as compared to conventional methods. But what we are particularly enthusiastic about is that this methodology is more eco-friendly with less consumption of water and sand,” said Rupa Gurunath, director, The India Cements.

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