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Lucky Cement Becomes Pakistan’s Largest Cement Manufacturer

Lucky Cement has successfully completed the construction and installation of an additional production line with a capacity of 2.8 million tons per annum at the North (KPK) Plant which makes it Pakistan’s largest construction material producer, surpassing Bestway Cement.

In a notification to the Pakistan Stock exchange, the company stated that the project has been completed within the given timeline, after a slight modification with respect to the Brownfield Expansion.

The new line was made operational with the commencement of Clinker production on December 30, 2019.

With the addition of this new line for 2.8 million tons, the total production capacity (including both North and South plants) of the company has now increased from 9.35 million tons to 12.15 million tons per annum.

It is worth mentioning that previously, Bestway Cement was Pakistan’s largest cement manufacturer with an annual production capacity of 10.3 million tons. As of now, Lucky Cement has toppled Bestway Cement Ltd as the nation’s biggest producer of the building material with a production capacity of 12.15 million tons per annum.

D.G. Khan has also proposed a plan to increase its capacity by increasing the production which will make it the second highest producer in the country with 10.7 million tons of production.

Naya Pakistan Housing Program (NPHP) has not launched any projects yet that can bring fresh demand for construction materials. But in FY 2020, it is expected that this program will kick off some of the projects which will increase cement consumption in the country. Furthermore, PSDP funds are also being released for the CPEC infrastructure projects that are currently underway.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the present government had given a lot of importance to the construction sector, which will help realize the project of five million housing units. The promotion of the construction sector is the government’s foremost priority.

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