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Manila Broadcasting Company partners with Republic Cement for responsible disposal of raffle entries

As part of their partnership on responsible waste management, representatives from Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) visited Republic Cement Bulacan Plant to witness the proper disposal of millions of raffle entries from their recently concluded nationwide raffle.

MBC, a local radio and television network, has long-running promos that get entries from all over the country. MBC Milyones and MBC Bagong Taon Bagong Milyon, in particular, have been part of their programming since the early 2000s. With many Filipinos participating in their raffles, whether in the cities or the provinces, the MBC collects tons of plastic and paper wastes as part of the entries, which require proof of purchase of participating products. These proofs of purchase include sachets and other plastic packaging.

In order to properly dispose of the collected entries and product packaging, MBC partnered with Republic Cement to properly dispose of the collected raffle entries through ecoloop, Republic Cement’s official co-processing and resource recovery group. Under this partnership, raffle entries collected by MBC were shredded and used as alternative fuel through co-processing.

Prior to this partnership with ecoloop, MBC followed traditional garbage disposal procedures. “A few years ago, if we hadn’t reached out to Republic Cement, we would have made do with several sessions of shredding,” said MBC Ads and Promo Manager John Carl Galang. “After shredding, it would have to be disposed of by the respective LGUs.”

The disposal of truckloads of entries is challenging especially with the limited resources of LGUs. There is also the uncertainty of the waste ending up in landfills or waterways. Fortunately, with co-processing closing the life cycle loop of wastes, this won’t be a problem.

“Co-processing involves the complete breakdown of residual materials, with any byproducts being fully integrated into cement production,” shares ecoloop Director Atty. Angela Edralin-Valencia. “This not only reduces reliance on fossil fuels but also provides a viable waste management solution for partners such as MBC.”

Co-processing also alleviates further strain on LGU solid waste management facilities, which are already challenged with current levels of LGU waste. Moreover, it eliminates any possibility of the classified personal information in the raffle entries ending up in the wrong place, ensuring the participants’ data privacy.

Moving forward, MBC will continue to partner with ecoloop and Republic Cement for its waste disposal needs, highly recommending co-processing as the solution to the waste management problem in the country.

Shredded entries to the MBC’s raffle promos ready for co-processing as alternative fuel for cement manufacturing.
“This one is perfect! This is the best way to dispose of your corporate garbage, papers, plastics,” remarked Galang. “When the process was explained to us in our office in Manila, [we said,] ‘That’s it! That’s how it should be done!’”

“Republic Cement is proud to have established partnerships with major organizations and LGUs,” said Republic Cement CEO Roman Menz. “It is our goal that all organizations, whether in the public or private sector, have access to viable waste management solutions, paving the way to building a greener, stronger Republic.”

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