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Maple Leaf Cement Factory, Successful Public Hearing for Environmental Approval / NOC for Project Line V

Maple Leaf Cement Factory Ltd., ” Iskanderabad”, Mianwali has played a key role in the national economy, providing employment opportunities in the area as well as increasing the prosperity of the region. Tax participates. Continuing this line, in view of the needs of the country, the management of Maple Leaf Cement Factory is going to install a new cement production line V for which a public hearing on Environmental Approval / NOC will be held today, 19-Nov-2021 at 11:00 AM. Held at Iskanderabad and was successful.

The hearing was formally started with recitation from the Holy Quran. The hearing was attended by a large number of residents, media persons, doctors, lawyers, local political organizations and people from various walks of life. Welcoming the Line V project and also informing the company management about their concerns, the company gave satisfactory answers.

He also appreciated the services of Maple Leaf Cement Factory for the area and hoped that the company would continue to play a significant role in the welfare of the area. On this occasion all the concerned officers of the Environment Department, Assistant Director Muhammad Arif Mehmood and DG Environment Punjab also attended and were present in the hearing during all the proceedings. Appreciated the environmental arrangements. Maple Leaf management further assured that the company will continue to comply with environmental laws and, as always, will contribute to the well-being of the area under water supply, education, sports, public health and other projects. Will continue to play a key role. The company management further said that the installation of the new plant would increase employment and business opportunities for the youth of the area and would give priority to the local youth and ensure protection of environment in the area.

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