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Pakistani cement exporters in plea over South African anti-dumping duty

Pakistan: Cement exporters based in Pakistan have urged the Ministry of Commerce to approach South African authorities with the aim of overturning the existing anti-dumping duty on Pakistani cement.
“Before anti-dumping duty, annual cement exports to South Africa were worth US$700m. Now it has gone down to US$100m,” said Mohammad Rafiq Memon, Chairman of the Pakistan-South Africa Business Forum (PSABF). He said that the forum was trying its best to get this issue resolved and that Pakistan’s Ministry of Commerce should send a delegation to South Africa to convince the authorities to review the duty. He added that he was optimistic that South Africa would review the anti-dumping duty on cement imports and said that the situation was likely to improve by 2020.

He said that PSABF also has plans to establish a trade centre in South Africa by the end of December 2019, at which Pakistani manufacturers and exporters would be able to display samples of their products and services, along with relevant contact information. This would result in effectively promoting Pakistani products, not only in the South African market, but in other African states.

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