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Thatta Cement

Thatta Cement Co increases Sindh’s capacity

Thatta Cement Co Ltd has completed its increases in clinker and cement capacities at its plant in Makli, Thatta district, Sindh province, Pakistan. The company shared this update with the Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd about important material information earlier this week.

The company has completed in-house modifications and improvements in the processes of the existing plant. Its technical team has completed the trials and testing process. Due to earlier changes and improvements, the total production capacity of clinker and cement has now been increased from 548,400tpa to 660,000tpa and from 575,820tpa to 693,000tpa, respectively, based on 300 working days per year, said Muhammad Abid Khan, company secretary.

Production and dispatch 9MFY21
During the period under review, Thatta Cement showed commendable performance and achieved significant growth in the local dispatches. Local clinker and cement dispatches of the company rose by 45.3 per cent and 24.1 per cent, respectively, compared with the corresponding period last year.

Moreover, during the period the company produced 244,631t of clinker, representing 59.5 per cent of its clinker capacity, compared with 231,168t, or 56.2 per cent capacity utilisation in the same period last year.

Source : ICR

Pakistan cement production rises 27% in 12MFY21

International news agency CEMNET reported, The overall output of the Large-Scale Manufacturing Industries Index (LSMI) in Pakistan increased by 14.9 per cent for July 2020-June 2021 compared to July 2019-June 2020, including local cement production, FBS estimated. Industry attributes the increase in production on the back of a boost in local demand by housing schemes.

During the last fiscal year of July 2020-June 2021, Pakistan’s cement production increased by 27.3 per cent, YoY to 49.803Mt compared to 39.121Mt in the preceding fiscal year. The upward trend in cement output was also noted in June 2021 alone, when it rose by 32.4 per cent to 4.666Mt versus 3.523Mt in the same month last year.