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Taiheiyo Cement develops material for lithium-ion batteries

Japan: Taiheiyo Cement has developed Nanoritia, a lithium manganese iron phosphate salt for use as a positive electrode material for lithium-ion batteries. The company says that the product has ‘excellent’ thermal stability and does not contain cobalt or nickel, which can sometimes be harder to source. As a result of the success, it will establish a 100t/yr nanoritia plant at its Central Research Laboratory in Sakura city, Chiba prefecture.

The group said, “We will proactively and swiftly develop and commercialise the production technology of this product, and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions through the provision of materials for lithium-ion batteries. We will continue to strongly promote the group’s management philosophy of business activities that are in harmony with not only economic development but also consideration for the environment and contribution to society, aiming to play a leading role in opening up a sustainable future for the earth.”

The cement and minerals producer has also been working on recycling large lithium-ion batteries at its integrated Tsuruga plant.

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