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The establishment of the Thatta Cement Factory is expected to initiate a new era of prosperity.

On Saturday, Mir Ali Hassan Zahri, President of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) in Hub District, expressed that the establishment of Thatta Cement Factory would mark the beginning of a new era of development and prosperity in the area, providing ample employment opportunities for locals. He made these remarks during a ceremony held in honor of PPP Balochistan President, Changez Jamali. Zahri also stated that the PPP, under the leadership of co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari, is expected to win a significant number of provincial and national assembly seats from Hub and Lasbela in the next election. He further added that the party would achieve a resounding majority, enabling it to form the government in Balochistan province, and drive the region towards a path of progress. Zahri highlighted that the people in the area were in dire need of development and prosperity, and the PPP’s developmental efforts in Hub, Lasbela, and surrounding areas were widely recognized. He also dismissed rumors about the Thatta Cement Factory, stating that they were unfounded and aimed at inciting public unrest. Zahri further revealed that the Balochistan government holds a 51% stake in the factory, making it the main stakeholder, and emphasized that the project would generate economic prosperity in the area and eradicate unemployment in the province.

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