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A pioneer in the cement industry

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“We have been a significant contributor to Egypt’s nation-building efforts since 1975 by providing world-class engineering, consultancy, technical assistance and cement plant management and operation solutions,” said Eng. Khaled El-Sebaie, managing director of Arab Swiss Engineering Company (ASEC).

“Over the past four decades, ASEC has evolved from a local engineering and consultancy company to a regional operator of cement facilities managing more than 10 million tons annually,” stated El-Sebaie.

“Our growth is propelled by a skilled talent pool, which we are committed to continuously develop through ASEC’s Training Academy,” he added. “It stands as a hub for cement-technology training in the Middle East and North African region, with a record of graduates exceeding 16,000 since 1985.

“The global cement industry is encountering a host of challenges, primarily oversupply and inflated cost of energy. We believe that challenges pose new opportunities for those who are prepared to cater to them,” said El-Sebaie, “At ASEC, we deploy talent and technology together with our profound expertise to create reliable and cost-efficient solutions driving sustainable development for our customers.”

“Our long-standing relationship with our customers together with business synergies with technology partners will provide us with a competitive edge and 2019 will be good for us. We have partnered with Taiheiyo Engineering Corp. from Japan and Promac Engineering Industries, Ltd. from India to provide end-to-end solutions and pool our industrial capabilities. We are gearing up to deliver unique solutions for energy efficiency and optimization to Egypt and other key markets across the region.”

“Egypt is founded on 7,000 years of civilization and we take pride in our deep roots in this glorious land that serves as an inspiration for our relentless quest for excellence and higher accomplishments,” concluded El-Sebaie.

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