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TOPNEWER, a Energy saving solution provider from China to Cement Industry

Nowadays the world witness China to be the biggest cement production country in this globe thanks to the rapid and vigorous development of China’s infrastructure and real estate in the past 30 years (China Cement output : 2.36 billion ton in 2020, more than 55% of the world total). During the overwhelming growth, China’s cement industry took initiative to introduce world cutting edge technology and equipment to upgrade their production continually.Meanwhile, based on the giant production capacity, some companies with new technology or premium equipment rise up and are justified by the intense competition in Chinese cement industry. They study and adsorb the leading and update concepts of the world and roll out unique technology and equipment that are specially catering to the need of China cement plants. The technology and equipment feature : low cost but high performance, obvious energy saving, and improvement in capacity & economic benefit, effective environment friendly solution etc.

Topnewer, a technology oriented company, is committed to introduce these new technology and equipment to those cement plants out of china. In cement and construction lines, we have forged strategic relationship with some of these new technology and equipment suppliers in China. We are establishing a technological association to integrate the best Chinese cement technology and equipment companies. A platform is under construction through which we believe many overseas cement plants could find it possible that they can upgrade their production technology and equipment with much lower budget.

Historically, overseas cement plant especially those from developing country were more informative of technology and equipment from the western developed countries. Unfortunately, they lack of information channel to learn about Chinese cement industry. Many excellent Chinese technology and equipment companies actually can provide them with another alternative solution as compared with European supplier. For example, much less budget, but equivalent achievement. Some new technologies such as Reliable Ceramic Dip Tube for preheater cyclone, CGB for ball mill, Nano-Insulation-block as new refractories, etc are even fresh to the European cement senior specialists. These unique solutions originates from China, and have benefited many Chinese cement plants. We are working hard to introduce them to overseas cement plants, and believe our association will act as flagship for Chinese new technology and equipment.

Article by Mr. Elite Yang TOPNEWER Technology Development Co.,ltd – Directing Manager

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